Stealth Dress Pants (Men)

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What is it?

The Stealth Dress Pants is a pair of dress pant that is made out of high-tech performance fabric, the same material that athletic wear is made with.  The result is a pair of pant that is lightweight, smooth and comfort you have NEVER experienced before.

These slacks will never leave you feeling weighed down or irritated by heavy, itchy fabrics. The secret is our special blend of fabric that is breathable and flexible, unlike stuffy and stiff wool or polyester. It also gives the Stealth Pant great moisture wicking capabilities. If you live in an area with hot and humid summers you won’t have to worry about your pants being damp all day, because they dry out in no time. 


  • Moisture Wicking
  • Stretch Fabric - Rayon/Nylon/Lycar composite 
  • Extra Deep Pockets + Hidden Inner Pockets
  • Machine Washable, Hang Dry
  • Wrinkle Resistant
  • Classic Style + Stealth Comfort

The Perfect Pocket Layout

We got tired of things falling out of our pockets, so we designed the Stealth Pant with bigger ones. With extra deep pockets, you’ll never have to to worry about your wallet, keys, or phone falling out and getting lost.

Plus, we added a hidden inner pocket for your mobile phone that makes it super easy to access. It also prevents your phone from turning sideways in your pocket.

Comfort That Won't Get You Noticed 

The Blackbird Stealth Pant was created to solve one simple problem: normal office slacks are really uncomfortable, but comfortable alternatives don’t fit the business style dress code that many employers expect at the office. We’ve worked to design a pair of pants that have the best of both worlds: extreme comfort and classic style. The results are obvious, but only if you’re the one wearing them. To everyone else, you’re just wearing a pair of nice, normal slacks, but you’ll feel like you woke up in the morning and put on your favorite pair of sweatpants.



Size Chart

Size Chart

Choosing Your Waist Do note that our size tends to be one size smaller than main stream brand, if you are accustomed to off the shelf big brand trousers, we recommend you use SIZE (US) for your reference.  If you have been measured before or been to a tailor and know what your real waist is, you are fine by using our SIZE :)

Men's Stealth Dress Pant Size Chart