Comfort That Won't Get You Noticed

Stealth Dress Pants helps you disguise its extreme comfort in classic style.

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Extra Deep Pocket

We help protect your belongings in extra deep pockets and hidden inner pockets.

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Customer Reviews

  • Issei Y.

    Best pants ever

    I have got 2 grey and 2 black Stealth Dress Pants, and I really love these. So I purchased 2 more (navy). It's super flexible, comfortable and easy to wash (no need ironing!!)

  • Steven R.

    Excellent pocket room.

    These are the most comfortable pants I have ever owned. 

    I read all the advertising hoo-hah about them, and thought that there wouldn’t be any harm in giving a pair of them a try. (Also, I was in need of a pair to replace another fairly comfortable brand of trousers that I had - that other pair of pants I had hot washed and tumble dried - a ‘no-no’ for any good clothing - the results shouldn’t have surprised me). I can’t get past the amount of pocket space these Blackbirds have! I usually have trouble finding room for my wallet, cellphone and cardholder - but with these... no problem at all, and I can’t feel any of these carried items cutting into my legs through the fabric. 
    Whenever I’ll be needing more, I’ll certainly be buying more, though I can see these lasting me awhile - I’ll be making sure that I follow the care instructions!

  • Peter F.

    Fantastic for classical musicians

    These pants are a great innovation for classical musicians! I play the oboe in a professional symphony orchestra, and in concerts we always wear very formal attire, which is often completely at odds with playing an instrument with the freedom and flexibility that one would like. I ordered these pants to see if they would improve my concert comfort experience, and they really do! I tried them out in a solo concerto performance last week and they felt a million times more comfortable than my regular concert attire! Perfect for a stressful solo situation! They are a revelation and I've been recommending them to all my colleagues in the orchestra.

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